Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Snoring Prevention - Easy to Use Tips

Snoring is a common problem and if your bedmate is a snorer, this can lead to sleep deprivation for one or both partners. Snoring prevention can be a simple solution depending on what causes the person to snore. Sleep clinics and sleep aids can be very expensive but snoring prevention can be a inexpensive and easy process, that can take place starting immediately.

Overweight people have a tendency to snore more than their thinner counterparts. If your partner has started to put on weight this may be causing them to snore more often than usual. So a simple solution may be to have them try to drop a few pounds. Another common perpetrator that can lead you or your partner to snore is alcohol. A snoring prevention technique may be as simple as getting them a warm glass of milk instead of a late night glass of wine.

If you or your partner is neither overweight nor imbibing in late night spirits, the simple snoring prevention solution maybe to change the position of how you sleep. Most snoring occurs when the sleeper is laying on their back. This position causes the airways to constrict and also causes the soft tissue to vibrate. Repositioning on your side may help you maintain better breathing throughout the night so you are not gulping large breaths of air, thus causing you to snore. This may be a difficult switch if you are used to commonly sleeping on your back, so placing a pillow or an object that keeps your positioned on your side may be necessary for the first few weeks.

If all else fails there are products on the market today geared toward snoring prevention. These products can usually be found at the local drug store and may help curb your nightly symphony. One such product are nasal strips, painless, albeit a little dorky, these go across the nose and open up your nasal passages allowing air to pass freely. Another lesser raved about product are nasal sprays, that are said to work similarly to the nasal strip, opening up the airways.

If these tips still fail to help with snoring prevention or your or your partner has severe and chronic snoring, you may want to proceed to your doctor to make sure it is not a more serious problem like sleep apnea.