Friday, 10 June 2011

Septoplasty - Answer to Excessive and Chronic Snoring

Does your partner snore a lot? Or is it you who makes each night miserable for your partner because of a literally sound sleep? In either case, you might need to see your doctor. There are various reasons why a person snores. Most health professionals say it is due to an underlying heart problem, some say it is due to obesity or being overweight, while others say it is an indication of airway problem.

The nose which is our primary airway plays a major role in our breathing pattern. Likewise, it is also distinctive in producing sound. Anatomically, inside the nose is a not-so-familiar part called septum. Septum is a composition of bone and cartilage which separates the left and right nostrils. For some reasons, this part could lean on one side of the nose; sometimes it is crooked, and rarely perforated. Amongst the three unusual conditions, a crooked and misaligned septum causes snoring.

Deviated septum can also be a result of previous addiction to cocaine and other snorted drugs. Most of the times, a person with crooked septum also have distinctive breathing sound even when awake. Surprisingly, most individuals who have this condition do not acknowledge it as a health risk nor a medical emergency.

Treating a deviated septum requires surgery. The procedure is called septoplasty. In septoplasty, the surgeon might remove some parts of the nasal septum or will just angle it differently depending on the presenting condition. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to remove the entire septum for external repair before putting it back again in its normal anatomical position. General anesthesia is usually given prior to surgery in order to complete the surgery with the client fully sedated. Septoplasty often lasts for not more than two hours. You can immediately go home after the surgery.

After septoplasty, a tiny visible scar can be expected. Some highly skilled cosmetic surgeon can do the operation with less noticeable scar. The risks underlying this operation are very minimal and are manageable. Bleeding is controlled by inserting nasal packs made of cotton materials. The packing's and stitches used during the surgery are usually removed a day after the operation.

Moreover, some people would mistakenly term a septum repair as rhinoplasty. It should be understood that septoplasty is the repair of a specific part of the nose which is the septum, and is aimed to correct a medical condition. Rhinoplasty on the other hand is usually for aesthetic enhancement.

So if you think that your snoring problem is not related to obesity and cardiac problem, you might find it helpful to see your doctor to assess your nose. Who knows, you might just have a deviated septum all this time without you noticing it. Before you grow old, you should enjoy the benefits of a happy marriage. Don't let a literally sound sleep ruin your most precious moment with your loved ones. Find a legitimate plastic surgeon to discuss this concern with you and help you decide to go for septoplasty.

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