Thursday, 18 June 2009

Is An Anti Snoring Device The Solution To Your Snoring Problems?

If you sleep with a snorer, then you may have looked into the various anti snoring device options on the market because snoring can be a major disturbance when it comes to getting sleep. Snoring can also be a major cause of trouble in relationships and even result in couples sleeping in different bedrooms.

An anti snoring device can in fact bring relief, however these gadgets are not the only (or usually the best) answer. There are ways to cure snoring naturally without devices, medicines, or surgery, but very few people know about them.

So what exactly is snoring and what causes it? Well, snoring usually happens when the soft tissue in the upper palate relaxes (after falling asleep) and breathing makes it vibrate.

Some snoring can be caused by sedatives or even alcohol, which both increase relaxation of the tissues. Did you know that simply eliminating or cutting back on these may be all the treatment needed for a snoring problem?

So what are some examples of anti snoring devices?

Well, one popular anti snoring device being recommended today are dental devices. These gadgets push the lower jaw forward and keep airways unobstructed during sleep. Another popular anti snoring device being used these days are the adhesive strips that you see many athletes wearing. These strips open the nasal passages and improve breathing.

May be a Sign of More Serious Problems

The danger of using these devices as treatments for snoring is that they don't address the root of the problem, they simply mask the side effects. It's also important to note that you shouldn't wear an anti snoring device unless you have come to understand what causes you to snore.

Whether you suffer from snoring or have a loved one that does, the first thing that should be done is finding out the root cause of the problem. After that's been done, it's much easier to put together a plan of attack to cure the snoring and often the treatments are natural and can be performed at home.