Saturday, 20 June 2009

Cure For Snoring - 6 Natural Ways to Stop Your Snoring

Is there natural cure for snoring? Most people will ask this question if they don't want to involve themselves with mouth pieces, sprays or drugs to stop snoring. There are ways that you can choose to use to stop or reduce your snoring, and it's natural.

Snoring is a noise made when the sufferer breathes while asleep. An estimated 45 of population occasionally snore and 25 or so do it every time they sleep. When you are snoring, most likely you are not getting enough air through your nasal passages and it could signify a sleep disorder.

Snoring is something that you do not have to live with. If you are reading this article, most probably you are suffering from a snoring problem and are searching for ways to cure it. There are many things that you can do to achieve natural cure for snoring. There is no need for surgery or medication, you can stop or decrease snoring now just by following some of the tips mentioned below:

1. Change of lifestyle

Lifestyle changes can really help the snoring problem in a lot of people.

Start leading a healthy way of lifestyle now. These include less consumption of alcohol, quit smoking and eating healthy foods. Take smoking for instance, smokers suffer with snoring because the act of smoking swells up the mucosa, which blocks up your windpipe, and consequentially causes snoring.

2. Avoid sleeping pills

Studies show that sleeping pills can trigger snoring. It's important that your sleep is rel aced. By focusing on positive thoughts and memories you will have a better night's sleep with more calmness and serenity.

3. Meditation

Meditation combined with yoga helps put your mind and body in a more tranquil, relaxed place. This will help in decreasing your snoring.

4. Inhaling steam

Try inhaling steam right before going to bed. One of the main reasons that causes snoring is that your airways become blocked. By inhaling steam, it helps to clear your nasal airways.

5. Change in sleeping position

By changing your sleeping position, you can stop or reduce your snoring. Try raising your bed four inches at the head or, alternatively, try sleeping on your side. It's common for people to only snore when they sleep on their backs, so try sleeping on your side and it may solve your snoring problem.

6. Lose your weight

A doctor may recommend losing weight as a way to cure snoring. If you are over weighed, there may be fat deposits in your throat and neck. This can restrict your airway. Lose some weight and you may stop or reduce your snoring. Losing body fat not only can reduce snoring, but also is good for your health.

With the huge numbers in people snoring, more and more people are seeking natural cure for snoring. The major theory behind snoring and its solution is to keep the airway open in the throat. Natural remedies are one that doesn't involve mouth pieces, sprays or drugs. Simply follow the tips mentioned above and see if you can stop or reduce your snoring. There are other natural ways to eliminate the problem, you may try it out yourself to see which methods can cure your snoring.