Monday, 22 June 2009

Exercises to Stop Snoring - Are These Exercises Effective?

If you are looking for exercises to stop snoring, then you must be one that want to cure your snoring in a natural way without going through any surgeries. Snoring is an annoying problem, it not only causes serious problems to yourself, but also your partner. It is best that you find a solution to it and stop your snoring.

So, are snoring exercises workable? In order for us to get the answer, we have to find out what are the causes for snoring and the principles behind these snoring exercises.

Most snoring is caused by the weak throat muscles that collapse during sleep. As snoring exercises aim to strengthen the jaws and throat muscles , so these types of exercises make sense as you stop your snoring once your jaws and throat muscles are strengthened.

If your snoring is caused by your tongue falling back into your throat, then you may do some 'tongue exercises' to help solve the problem. Simply stick your tongue out and stretch it as far as you can, then hold it in the air for 5 - 10 seconds. An alternative method is to touch the tip of your chin and nose with your tongue. Do these exercises everyday. You will soon notice the results once your throat and tongue muscles become stronger.

You can do these exercises to stop snoring naturally. After all, it has no side effects. There are techniques that you can use to stop snoring effectively, simply learn and use it to yield the benefits for yourself.