Monday, 22 June 2009

3 Tips For Sleeping Easy

Feeling cranky? Stressing out more? It's possible you're feeling that because you don't find sleeping easy. On second thought, perhaps that is a major understatement. Your problem may not be that you don't find sleeping easy. It could be much worse - you barely get to sleep at all!

There are many factors behind sleeplessness. It could be financial concerns, relationship problems, or work issues. While it's possible whatever has been keeping you up is beyond your control, creating a conducive environment for sleeping is not. Try the following tips to make it easy on yourself to get 40 winks and a snore.

1. Don't eat too much before bedtime. Tempted to snack on tortillas two hours before you turn the lights out? Don't. The same goes for the liquids you may be tempted to drink just before you go to bed. Aside from potentially causing you heartburn, going to bed on a full stomach will only make you restless.

2. Avoid smoking or drinking coffee at night. This one is easy, yet it's tough for many people to do. Smokers say it's not possible for them not to smoke at night; they're sure to come down with withdrawal symptoms. Coffee nuts claim they will go mad without their java. Does that sound like you? Then it's time to exercise some tough love on yourself. Coffee and nicotine can cause sleeplessness, so make it a point to avoid them, especially in the evenings.

3. Make sleeping pills your last resort. There are many sleeping aids that you can try. They make sleeping easy and are completely safe to boot. But try changing your lifestyle first before you try sleeping pills. You never know. It could just be that cup of coffee you usually drink before bedtime that's keeping you awake.