Saturday, 20 June 2009

Preventing Snoring - Tips About How To Prevent Snoring

Preventing Snoring - Although snoring can be seen by some people as something to laugh about it is no laughing matter to the snorer or their partner. The snoring noises can keep your partner awake all night, and guess what the next step is that your partner suggests sleeping in separate rooms.

So what exactly is snoring and what causes it? lets look at some of the facts.

Snoring is caused by you breathing through the narrow passageway between your nose and throat, when you are sleeping these muscles become more relaxed and you end up giving of loud snoring noises.

So lets take that a step further, what sort of things can cause your muscles to relax and cause you to snore.

* A stuffed up nose caused by the cold or sinus trouble restricts breathing through your nose and forces you to breathe more through your mouth.

* If you are overweight this results in more fatty tissue surrounding your throat and has the effect of narrowing your airways.

* Smoking cigarettes or cigars release chemicals which cause narrowing of your throats airways.

* Any allergies that you may suffer from can have the effect of restricting your air passageways.

* If you have particularly large tonsils or adenoids this can result in snoring as they will also narrow your breathing passageways.

* Alcohol tends to relax the throat muscles and restrict your breathing airways.

* Some Medications such as cold remedies also relax the throat muscles causing snoring.

* Sleeping on your back can cause snoring, sometimes lying on your side or stomach can make a difference.

* Snoring itself is not a serious health problem but a condition called sleep apnea is. The symptoms would be when the snorer would stop breathing for seconds at a time and sometimes choking or was unable to breathe in enough air, this carries on all through the night. If this sounds like a snorer you know get them to consult their doctor.

As you can see there are many different cause of snoring and once you have identified what is causing your snoring you can then carry on finding ways for preventing snoring.