Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Stop Smoking and Snoring

To cure a disease, you need to investigate the real cause and similarly with snoring issues, you need to really know the root cause, before you can find a solution. After considerable research, it has been noticed that apart from numerous other issues, respiratory ailments contribute to a great deal in promoting snoring. So, if you or your loved one suffers from a respiratory ailment and snores too, it is best to get medical help to cure the respiratory issues and then deal with snoring if it persists.

Though there are numerous respiratory illnesses, the major cause of continued and constant respiratory problems is smoking. The chemical laced cigarette smoke causes irreplaceable damage to the delicate tissue of the lungs and respiratory tracks. Constant exposure to the smoke irritates the outer layers of cells and causes inflammation all through the throat, sinus and the respiratory airways. If you are a chain smoker or smoke away a few cigarettes a day, you must be feeling the ill effects of the smoke- dry racking cough that never goes away, low immunity with constant colds, sinusitis and blocked nasal passages and last but not the least, habitual nightly snoring.

Well, don't be surprised because cigarette smoke contains over 450 harsh chemicals that include benzene, polonium, chromium, arsenic and formaldehyde that are known to be cancer causing. These carcinogenic chemicals get mixed in your blood stream causing damage to body organs while direct inhalation of smoke, withers and kills the protective tissue of your throat and lungs.

However, the sad part is that those who are in contact with the smoker may also develop snoring and respiratory ailments due to passive smoking. Through research it has been seen that common respiratory ailments like asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, COPD and a multitude of other diseases are directly connected to snoring and sleep apnea. Other respiratory reasons may be poor ventilation, humid air and hazardous work environs where quality of air is sub standard and leads to breathing problems. Pollution and respiratory disease are interconnected and both directly or indirectly lead to snoring.

Another cause for snoring is allergies. Even if you don't smoke but are prone to allergens and allergies, you may end up snoring. Ranging from pollen allergies to food allergens, most are seasonal but others may last a lifetime. People are also allergic to pet hair, microbial dusts and dust which can lead to inflammation in the respiratory track.

If you are looking to stop the nightly snoring, you need to cure the respiratory ailment. In most cases, when you cure the respiratory issues, snoring stops. However, if you are already seeking help for the illness, you can try a wide range of anti snoring methods simultaneously. Sleep is the biggest blessing and with any of teh anti snoring methods, a good night's sleep will cure you faster and help you stop snoring too. From chin straps to effective nasal drops and throat sprays, there are many over the counter stop snoring remedies available that you can buy without burning a hole in your pocket.