Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Exercises to Stop Snoring - Discover 2 Simple Exercises That Can Stop Your Snoring For Good

Snoring can happen at any age. For the younger its normally a temporary thing due to blockages, But the number of middle aged people becoming chronic snores has shown a marked increase over the last few years. In this article I will explain why you snore, which will help you understand why exercises to stop snoring are by far the best cure. I will also include two exercises you can use straight away to help ensure you regain those blissful nights of sleep.

Why do we snore?
There are a few medical reasons why we snore which can only be sorted out by surgery or laser treatment to cut away part of the palate, but this is surly a last resort as the cost is upwards of $5000 and can be painful.
For the vast majority of us the sad fact is snoring is brought on by age and poor health.

As we age we all know everything starts to sag, this is true of the muscles around the throat and the knock on effect of this is our airways become partially blocked, causing the soft palate at the back of the throat to vibrate creating the dreaded sound!

It you are in poor health as in overweight there is the added burden of fat deposits building up which will in-turn reduce your air passage causing the vibration of the soft palate.

Exercises to stop snoring

As with any muscle group that are out of shape the best way to strengthen them is though exercise, and is also a great way to reduce fat.

Well throat muscles are exactly the same. Now don't panic you don't have to do the equivalent of a marathon or hours of press-ups these exercises are simple easy and specialised taking only a few minutes a day.

2 Exercises to stop snoring

First exercise-Start by sitting comfortably, open up your mouth and stick out your tongue as far as it will go, then try to touch your nose stretch hold for a 10 seconds then relax. Then try to touch your chin hold for 10 then relax. Do these exercises 6-8 times.

The reason for these exercises is your tongue is also just a large muscle that if not exercised can become a blockage.
Perhaps best to warn any family member of what you are doing for if they walk in on you take one look and question your sanity!

second exercise-This technique is used by singers to strengthen their throat muscles. Stand-up, relax, then in a strong voice sing Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa holding each one for 4 seconds. Then repeat using La-La-La-La-La. And finish with with Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta

Warning, if your singing voice is anything like mine best performed in an empty house or even better in a field away from any neighbours