Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Sleep Patterns and Snoring Issues

Many people tend to think that snoring is a natural phenomena but it is not true. Most people snore at one time or another sometimes in their life but habitual nightly snoring is a cause of concern. Not only does it endanger the snorer's life but the bed partner suffers equally. The snorer puts their life at risk when they don't seek help to stop snoring as due to sleep deprivation many diseases take hold of your body. Most of the diseases related to excessive snoring and sleep deprivation are cardiac issues, hypertension, diabetes, stroke and other related complications.

These issues are like red flags to almost everyone but chances of being diagnosed with these diseases are higher for snorers as they are always stressed out due to frequent sleep disturbances and irregular sleep patterns. The next levels of people who are at a higher risk are those who sleep with the snorers. Due to their constant nightly noises, the bed partners are often kept awake leading to immense sleep deprivation over a longer time period. The risk of snoring developing into sleep apnea is the greatest risks that you face, if you snore.

In the recent past, before conclusive studies were not done on sleep and snoring issues, snoring was considered as an irritating habitual problem that one had to just live with. But due to sleep and snoring issues being brought into the limelight through comprehensive studies and research, it has been seen that snoring may be a constant irritant but it has fatal consequences, if it goes untreated. But thanks to the studies conducted on causes and remedies, there are wide ranges of anti snoring treatments available that can actually help you stop snoring for good.

It may take you a few trials and errors before you realize which anti snoring remedy works best for you. There are many affordable anti snoring remedies available in drug stores and over the counter in supermarkets that can bring you instant relief from the nagging snoring noise. As each person's snoring causes differ, so do the methods to cure it. There are other natural anti snoring throat sprays, nasal drops, chin straps and mouth pieces amongst many other non invasive techniques. Some doctors also prescribe surgery if the snoring is intensive or due to a physical deformity or bone overgrowth. However, in most snoring cases, surgery is not required.

To get the best anti snoring remedy for yourself, it is better to know the exact reason for your snoring. The main reasons for snoring include intake of alcohol and smoking, obesity, side effects of medicines and excessive intake of dairy products in the diet. What may work for your friend's snoring may not work for you as there are different lifestyles, way of life and eating habits which need to be kept in mind. So its best to try out a few good anti snoring nasal and throat drops and see the effect. If you are a heavy snorer, the best place to head out to would be a sleep lab and consult a doctor who deals with sleep related syndromes.