Thursday, 16 July 2009

Snoring and Pregnancy - What's the Connection?

In most pregnancies, snoring is a common occurrence that starts during the last trimester or the 4-6 weeks of pregnancy. But in many cases, snoring starts during the last month also. Generally snoring becomes a harmless inconvenience to the spouse or bed partner but in case, there is heavy or a sudden start of snoring it maybe something that you should worry about. It is always a good idea to talk to your gynecologist or family physician about the snoring so that it does not blow up into other health issues.

It does not matter if you are embarrassed to discuss snoring with your doctor, but consider it one of the major warnings of health problems, especially when you are pregnant and the health of your unborn baby is also in your hands.

Through research and study on pregnancy and snoring, it was gleaned that in most cases, it is due to sinus and nasal congestion while the extra pounds that pile on the woman's body adds to higher rate of snoring during the late stages in pregnancies. Usually it is a temporary phase and not much concern for worry as snoring is also caused by tiredness and obesity. There is not much that you can do about it only your husband or partner has to listen all through the night!

But even then help is at hand. With innovative and safe anti snoring remedies such as nasal strips, nose drops and throat sprays. Sometimes, snoring is also caused by inflammation or swelling in the respiratory passages due to allergies, cold and related diseases, nasal strips are applied outside the nose to enlarge the nasal passages to breath in better. When breathing becomes easier, there is reduced snoring or it is completely eliminated. There are some nasal strips that can be placed within the nostrils but may cause discomfort. For those who snore with their mouth open, chin straps work well. With a wide variety of stop snoring remedies available, you just don't need to come to terms with snoring during pregnancy. The only concerning factor of snoring during pregnancy is that it should not affect the unborn baby. However, experts advice that a check-up and the opinion of the doctor will make sure that apart from the noisy snoring at night, there are no health issues associated with you or your baby's health.

During pregnancy, snoring is also associated with hypertension, edema, swelling and chances of pre eclampsia rise. Snoring is also related to shortage of oxygen to the body which indirectly relates to the oxygen supply essential to the baby's growth. It is best to utilize any of the best and fast acting anti snoring treatment so that you can safeguard your own health and your precious baby's health and future health issues.

It is best to discuss with your doctor and take some preventive steps to stop snoring or at least make sure that you have proper oxygen supply and 8 hours of sleep for proper rest and baby's growth.