Saturday, 13 August 2011

How To Stop Snoring By Using A Mouth Guard

Sleepguard is a specially designed mouth guard that is worn during sleep to prevent snoring. It is easy to fit and is highly regarded as being the most effective way to stop snoring with an 85% success rate in eliminating snoring completely.

Sleepguard works by holding the user's lower jaw slightly forward. This minimises the vibrating of the soft palette at the back of the user's mouth which is the common cause of snoring. By having a permanent gap in the front of the mouthpiece it also ensures a constant airflow at all times during sleep.

After following the fitting instructions insert your Sleepguard into your mouth before going to sleep. Proper fitting with the instructions is essential to the effectiveness of the mouthpiece. This ensures that it will stay in a correct position during sleep. An antibacterial retainer box is also supplied with each order for safe and clean storage of your Sleepguard when not in use.

1. Prepare the mouthpiece for fitting by inserting the supplied wooden spatula into the front gap. This will act as a handle for the heating process. You will also need a stopwatch or a clock/watch with a second hand on it.

2. Boil one cup of water and also have a cup of cold water ready.

3. Submerge the mouthpiece into the boiling water for 30/35 seconds

4. Remove from the water and shake off the excessive water before placing the mouthpiece into your mouth. Make sure that you are biting into the grooves and not the edges. Align your bottom jaw with your top jaw and firmly but gently bite down on the mouthpiece.

5. Keep your mouth closed and push against both sides of the mouthpiece with your fingers and tongue so that it moulds to the contours of your teeth and gums.

6. Hold in position for around one minute and then place in the cold water for two minutes to allow the mouthpiece to harden and retain its mould.

7. Remove the wooden spatula and check that the mouthpiece is comfortable and grips your upper and lower teeth. If it does not then repeat the fitting procedure.

In my opinion this is a great product and has cured my snoring and also improved and banished the snoring of friends that I have recommended this snore mouth guard to. I now managed to sleep right through the night without waking myself up and more importantly my wife. Needless to say I no longer get waken up by a sharp elbow in my ribs either. The tireless nights of broken sleep and disruption certainly started to take its toll on my marriage with it leading to myself and my wife sleeping in separate rooms. I am pleased to say that since investing in the Sleep guard my marriage is now back to its normal healthy status, and I am no longer constantly tired. I feel so much more alive!

If you suffer from snoring problems then I cannot recommend this product to you enough. It does take a night or two to get used to but once you adapt yourself to it then you will only reap the benefits from it. Not only that but if you are not entirely happy with your purchase the supplier offers and 30 day money back guarantee. I must say thought the suppliers are a very friendly and helpful U.K based company and have a very quick delivery and respond in a flash to assist you in whatever way possible, Although the instructions are so straightforward you cannot go wrong.