Sunday, 30 January 2011

4 Ways To Stop Snoring

If you or someone you live with suffers from snoring then this article will show you popular ways to stop snoring. First we'll discuss the effects of snoring and then talk about what treatment options you have.

There are a number of very good reasons to get rid of your snoring. Probably the one most immediately felt is the improvement in the relations with the people you live with. Studies have shown that married couples that eliminate their snoring see a significant improvement in their marital relations. This is backed by the elimination of the effects of snoring. These include a lack of sleep, drowsiness during the day, irritability toward other people and a decrease in libido.

In addition to the effect on relationships loud snoring has very real consequences for the snorer that many are not aware of. A study published by the Journal Sleep of 12,000 snorers found that there was a 34% increase in heart attack and 67% increase in stroke over people who do not snore.

Luckily there are a few ways to stop snoring and any option depends on what fits you best.

Splints can be used as one of the ways to stop snoring. These are similar to mouth guards people wear in sports. They use bands that tie the bottom and top together. This pulls your lower jaw forward to open your air passage. The side effects of these are a gradual movement of your teeth forward, too much saliva and irritation of the gums. They are available OTC or through a dentist. Splints from a dentist cost around $2000 and are not covered by most health plans. Over the counter splints are available but suffer from an inability to set the correct jaw position.

CPAP machines are available to people who suffer from severe snowing and sleep apnea. There are very few severe side effects but 60% of people who use them stop. Why? Because they are very awkward and uncomfortable to wear. Even with people who don't quit using them they only use them an average of four or five hours per night because of their awkwardness. They also move the jaw and teeth and are the culprits of Smashed Face Syndrome.

Surgery is also one of the ways to stop snoring but it is quite invasive. And of the side effects is the scarring of tissue in the throat. This can actually lead to even more snoring because it further narrows the air passage that is the cause of snoring.

The last option is to use simple jaw and throat exercises that tone up the muscles in that region and prevent the flabby muscles in the throat and jaw to cause snoring.

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