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Childhood Snoring - Does it Lead to Sleep Apnea?

You might be under a disillusion that snoring does not affect the family, but surprisingly there are numerous divorces that happen every month due to the irritating noises. If you have been snoring over a short period or have been suffering the snoring noises of your bed partner, there is hope. Most of the studies done on sleep and related disorders including snoring have shown that childhood snorer's are more likely to develop heavy snoring into adulthood. Snoring has been discovered to be genetic problem also. Kids whose one or both parents suffer from snoring are at a higher risk of developing childhood snoring that could lead to sleep apnea later.

So, what actually triggers snoring or episodes of snoring?

There are numerous causes of snoring, but the basic reasons vary per individual. The onset of snoring maybe due to particular allergies, obesity, side effects of the prescribed medicines, persistent cold, respiratory illnesses and physical abnormalities like misaligned jaw and palette defects. Other secondary and lifestyle factors include smoking, alcohol consumption, stress, and higher content of dairy product in the diet, obesity and sleep deprivation. Other reasons of snoring in children are caused by hereditary factors, respiratory issues, Atopy and obesity. The most common reason for snoring in kids is Atopy, which does cause more allergic sensitization, over a period of time.

If you or your kids are prone to frequent snoring episodes, allergies, respiratory blockages and weight gain. The biggest disadvantage is that these factors lead to sleep apnea over a period of time. In some recent studies and research, kids who suffer from snoring are often diagnosed with ADHD. The Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Syndrome has many symptoms that are similar to sleep deprivation effects. Most of these kids are diagnosed with behavioral and emotional problems with low concentration and over activity. Many kids who snore are often diagnosed with ADHD, but in reality all they need is a proper night's sleep to get back to normal.

According to Pediatric health bulletins, there is a requirement to check the breathing patterns of smaller kids so that parents can monitor the sleep patterns, reducing the chances of developing sleep apnea. It is due to these factors that you need to find a useful remedy that has no side effects. Snoring, for both children and adults is a major disorder that should not be ignored at any level. Most people are not aware that sleep disorders such as snoring can lead to fatalities due to sleep apnea.

There are many ways to stop snoring today, in order to eliminate the risks of future disease risks. A variety of over the counter remedies have helped millions of people get cured of snoring. From anti snoring nasal drops to mouth guards, you can pick up a remedy that suits your requirement. As no two individuals are equal, it is not necessary that what suits someone might be perfect for you. It is best to try out a few remedies and then zero in on the best remedy that suits you.

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